Cronkite is Dead and so is Cable News

Broadcast viewership hits record low – Washington Times:

“NEW YORK (AP) — Americans avoided television in historic levels over the past week.
CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox together had the smallest number of prime-time viewers last week in two decades of record-keeping, the Nielsen Co. said. Given the dominance of the big broadcasters before then, you’d probably have to go back to the early days of television to find such a collective shrug.”

Well well well.  What did they expect.  News has always been the big draw for television.  Today the news is a liberal dribble of revisionist history intended to overthrow America as a Republic.  News Media has become the elite rather than be the watchdog over the elite.  Why would anyone who wants the news turn on the TV?  They don’t cover it and they are controlled by foreign interests. 

I seldom turn on the TV.  If it were not for my husband (and his sports) I would cancel my cable.  Television is the main culprit in the dumbing down of America.  “Keep them hypnotized and they won’t think.” 

Good for us…America is waking up.

Cable companies and network TV can go bankrupt for all I care.  If anyone deserves the unemployment line, it is these people. 

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