‘Godless’ billboard Defaced with “God”…huhhhhh

I am just loving the concept that “under God” DEFACES the sign.  With all the crime in Charlotee…murders, gangs, drugs…I hope they DROP all those investigations to find the e-v-i-l vandal of the atheist billboard.  Do they investigate grafitti on bridges, buildings, and walls or IS IT JUST CHRISTIANS they investigate. 

I hear we will have one of these signs here in Winston Salem.  On Business 40 near Kernersville.  What local sign company would dare host such a group?  Does anybody know?

UPDATE:  Billboard in Charlotte rented by the Lamar Sign Company.

‘Godless’ billboard in Charlotte defaced with ‘under God’ – WIS News 10 – Columbia, South Carolina :

“CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A billboard that was put up by an atheist group that purposely omitted references to God has been defaced — and had the words ‘under God’ added.

The billboards were put up in Charlotte and across North Carolina the week of June 21.

One of the billboards is on Billy Graham Parkway in west Charlotte — and it was the one defaced this past weekend. It originally showed an American flag with the words ‘One Nation Indivisible’ superimposed, but had ‘Under God’ missing — as part of the message to emphasize church and state issues.

Police were notified of the added paint on Sunday and they are reviewing security video recordings from nearby gas stations to try to find the culprits.

The original billboard campaign will appear in other locations across the state prior to the July 4th holiday.

The message on the original billboard appeared seemingly benign until one realized the words ‘under God’ have been purposely omitted. Those two words have been part of the Pledge of Allegiance since 1954.”

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