Clerk of Court Candidate Promises Efficient Use of Tax Payer Services

From the July 2010 Issue of Forsyth Precinct comes the following article.  Taxpayers take note that the focus of this candidate is SAVING MONEY for the tax payer.  It is an honorable and necessary platform.

Jeffrey L. Polston, a candidate for Clerk of Superior Court, has announced that a priority of his is to provide accurate, timely records to the citizens of Forsyth County, including information to the general public, courts, media, the legal community and law enforcement.

According to Polston, the first step has been to engage an independent forensic, criminal and account auditing team. “Sampling ten criminal cases, my investigative team uncovered over $103,000 in lost revenue,” Polston said. “By failing to properly file, collect and expedite the return of taxpayer money, gross negligence has occurred for too many years.

Polston said the Clerk’s office is the “epicenter to the civil/criminal justice system, handling 131,000 cases and $24 million in 2008-09. “That’s a 500 cases/work day.”

Concerned about the case load, Polston said he consulted courtroom experts and determined a two-clerk sytem to be appropriate. He said other counties using the two-clerk system assures that defendants are processed timely and transferrred from the jail to the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

“The two-clerk system gives rise to a paper flow process that provides an accurate check and balance, assuring all monies due the county are properly docketed and collected.”

According to Polston, taxpayerse shoulder the costs of the jail and that by reducing the time inmates wait on paperwork transfers, housing costs are reduced as much as $1,000 a day. “Unnecessary costs are thereby reduced from the county budget,” he said.

Polston consulted with Dr. Gary Greene, president of Forsyth Technical Community College, and other lreaders to implement a certification program similar to a paralegal’s course of study and continuing education.

“The program allows the clerk’s office to run more efficiently, with each clerk receiving in-depth crosstraining and certification by outside sources,” he said.

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