Christian Conservatives Take Heart! – GOD IN GOVERNMENT SERIES

By Sandra Robles
June 28, 2010

Christian Conservatives Take Heart!

True Christian Conservatives in America are fighting a battle that is not unique to the 21st Ccentury, even though it often feels we are the first EVER to face such trials.  Like David in the Old Testament, we seek to shepherd a society that has lost it’s way.  In the process we seek to kill modern giants…giants like socialism, slavery to government, corruption, and evil in our country and world.  On the other hand, just like David, we succumb to our sinful nature at times.  Though we share more in David’s failures, it is comforting to know that God refered to David as “a man after my own heart.” (Acts 13:22)  More than anything else, David had an unchangeable belief in the faithful and forgiving nature of God.

When David was fleeing from Saul, he called upon God to deal with his enemies.  As Christian Conservatives, we too need God’s help in dealing with enemies.  Our enemies today number from self -serving politicians and cronyism in local, state, and federal government, to an apathetic citizenry, unfair taxation, runaway spending, and a Federal government gone mad.  David called on God in Psalms 35 to rescue him.  Even though David had angered Saul and rightly deserved Saul’s deadly pursuit (from an earthly standpoint), Bible commentary states…”David’s call for justice was sincere.  It was not a cover for his own personal vengeance.  He truly wanted to seek God’s perfect ideal for his nation.  David did not say that he would rake revenge, but he gave the matter to God…[David’s] psalms use hyperbole. (or overstatement)  They were meant to motivate others to take a strong stand against sin and evil.” (NIV Psalm 35:1ff)

As true repentant Christian Conservatives, like David, we are truly seeking God’s perfect ideal for this nation.  This makes us “men and women after God’s own heart.”   To all of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are up against these giants, take comfort.  God promises to help the persecuted and to bring judgement on the unrepentant.

Next time you pray, pray as David did.  Pray for justice to be done.  The wicked will be punished…Christ’s return may be sooner than we expect.  The birthing pains have begun.

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