Maggie’s Notebook: Rupert Murdock Pushes Amnesty: Lou Dobbs Pushes Amnesty

FOX News neutralized Hannity and cancelled his participation in a Cincinnati Tea Party.   Propaganda machine revealed.

Maggie’s Notebook: Rupert Murdock Pushes Amnesty: Lou Dobbs Pushes Amnesty:

“You do see Carl Rove, Mike Huckabee, and US Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain on Fox all the time and each of them supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty for illegal immigrants that would turn illegal aliens into voters and thus destroy any peaceful political hope for future border or immigration enforcement in America.

So why have the Amnesty sellouts been given free reign at FOX NEWS with almost no significant representation for the organization leaders and elected officials that represent the 80% of Americans who want immigration and border enforcement instead of Amnesty?

It appears we have our answer as the Associated Press is reporting today (June 24, 2010) in their article titled ‘NYC mayor, major CEOs lobby for immigration reform’ that FOX NEWS and News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch has appeared with the billionaire liberal mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, to ask lawmakers in Washington to pass Amnesty.”

Oh well.  Tell your friends they can’t count on FOX for the news.  Special interests only.

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