Disclose Act passed by DemoRat House

The passage of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Disclose Act” by the DemoRat House discloses something all right.  The Clowns and Jokers up there in THE BIG HOUSE never sleep.  They are working 24 hours a day to remove our freedoms.  This bill includes takeover of the internet by the FCC….  Through link is a great audio clip about this bill from Mark Levin.  Pray the Senate is able to filibuster the bill.

Vocal Minority: Listen & Learn: Mark Levin on the Passage of the Unconstitutional DISCLOSE Act (6/24/10):

 “While the mainstream media were abuzz with the ‘courageous’ and ‘brilliant’ move for Obama to fire General McChrystal and replace him with General Patraeus — whom he and all the Left shamelessly derided and criticized when he was Bush’s general, the Democrat House took a little more of our liberty away by passing the DISCLOSE Act.

In a way to thwart the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United ruling, Congress passed this Orwellian-titled piece of legislation to unconstitutionally limit the free political speech of whomever it wants.

As with virtually everything the Democrat Congress pushes, the motivation for this unconstitutional act is ‘fairness’: to make sure the ‘little guy’ gets as much of fair shake in this country as ‘big business,’ ‘the rrrrrich,’ or well-moneyed politically-connected organizations. Therefore, in order to ‘level the playing field,’ corporations will be required to disclose their top donors.

Unions and media outlets (who both favor Democrats; what a coinkidink) are not affected by this bill. Other entities who are exempt are the Sierra Club, AARP and, shamelessly, so is the NRA. Why? Because they made a deal with the devil, that’s why. It’s Soviet style liberty cherry-picking. With the passing of this bill, Congress arbitrary gets to pick who can have freedom of political speech and who can’t.”

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