Wednesday Update on OBAMA’s APATHY WAR

I hardly know what to say about today’s news.   Just list it I guess. 

1.  McChrystal is gone by resignation.  Petraeus in despite the underlying hate the liberals hold for him.  One day he is a pariah, the next, he’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Not to worry.  They love him now but give him a few days and he will be call Gen. Be-tray-us again.  These people of schitzo and have mental disabilities.  Interesting since rumors have been around awhile that Petraeus might run for president in 2012.  Guess Obummer didn’t have much choice.  Not many 4 star generals hanging around looking for jobs.  It’s not like America will even exist in 2012 either.

2.  A robot sub had an accident that caused BP to raise the cap off the well.  All hell is breaking loose with gas and oil spewing at accelerated rates.  Will be awhile before they put the cap back on.  The sea floor is showing cracks and fissures all over.  Obama’s APATHY WAR on the South/America continues with the feds/EPA stopping work on the sand berms that MIGHT have protected the shore.  Worried about damaging sea life in the area of the berms… like the OIL is not going to KILL ALL SEA LIFE.  Jindal hasn’t seceded yet OR told the government where to get off.  Don’t know what he is waiting for.  Fishermen are committing suicide, it’s raining oil all over, and crops, trees, and birds are dropping dead.  Think of it as Sherman’s advance on Atlanta.

3.  We have 10 warships in the Suez canal.

4.  Israel is fixing to throw some heat.  Netanyahu’s psychiatrist committed suicide…says Bibbi is CRAZY and he couldn’t take it any more.  Might have spelled his name wrong but you know what I mean.

5.  Pelosi is freaking out worried about GOP investigations that ARE COMING in November.  Trying to ?RAISE MONEY? to fend them off????  What good that is going to do I cannot figure out…but I glad she is feeling the heat.  Couldn’t happen to a better person.  To late to pray NANCY when the devil is knocking at your back door.  You deserve everything that is coming to YOU, OBAMA, REID, RAHM, and every other corrupt tax & spend junkie in Washington .  Speaking of Rahm…he’s out the door soon…probably gonna leave the country to avoid prosecution.  Says he is burning out.  I say he’s a liar and getting the heck outa Dodge.  He’s a coward.

6.  All those oil tankers from the Gulf are heading to Brazil.  That would be the Brazil with all the oil that Soros invested in.  The same Brazil that Obama sent big American tax-payer-provided Bucks in 2009 to develop their oil industry.   Soros the puppet master is expecting his protege Ozero to PAY UP.    Strange how WE are the ones paying Ozero’s debts.

7.  It has been discovered that Al Gore is a pervert.  For real…Mr. Sexy LOL is a perv!

8.  The Electoral College is under attack.  Another scheme to derail November.  Executive order for amnesty, potential martial law along Gulf Coast, and now this.  These demons from hell never sleep.

9.  I don’t give a FLIP about soccer. 

I could spend hours telling today’s news.  But I think I will go on to bed.  It’s been a long day…I truly love this country.  Help me pray for her restoration.

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