Oil Spill -This Aint Prophesy…It’s Common Sense

As this oil spill intensifies, as the storms pick up the toxic chemicals and spreads them through rain…agriculture in the South will be destroyed.  Folks, this war of apathy that Obama has declared on the Gulf Oil Spill is gonna destroy the South like the Civil War couldn’t do.  There is going to be a dead zone that consumes our farmlands, our birds, our trees worse than any plague in the Bible. 

Make no mistake.  This is NOT going to affect just a few states.  These clouds are the same clouds that dump rain and snow all the way to the Mason Dixon line.  This is the first video I have seen/found on the spreading damage.  This disaster is EPIC in proportion.

Pretend it isn’t happening, call me crazy or off the deep end, I am telling you all…common sense dictates the direction this disaster is going to take.  Be prepared.  Don’t count on living off the land either.  It will be poisoned.

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