You Would Think Giving Them Arizona Would Be Enough…But NOOOO

Sometimes something comes along that boggles the mind.  This is one of those times.

BBC News – Mexico challenges Arizona’s immigration law:

The law has provoked protests by civil rights and religious groups Mexico has waded into a legal challenge to a new immigration law in the US state of Arizona.

In papers submitted to a US federal court, the Mexican government argues that the law is unconstitutional and would damage bilateral relations.

It says it is concerned that it could lead to unlawful discrimination against Mexican citizens.

The law – which comes into force on 29 July – makes it a state crime to be in Arizona without immigration papers.”

And we give a hoot of Mexico’s hurt feelings over potential mistreatment of their parasites because WHY?  They are, of course, in cahoots with the ACLU on this.  That would be the ACLU that is paid for with OUR TAXES.  Great.  Makes ME feel better about being robbed by the IRS on a daily basis.  NOT.

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