McCrystal Update: No Apology Tour!!!!

UPDATE:  My blog this morning “Gen. McChrystal Stuck in the Middle” may be realized by half!  My paragraph went:

I hope…Conservative America hopes…he has the guts to tell Obama where to get off. Leave the apology tour to Obummer and take this chance to CALL FOR IMPEACHMENT, DERELICTION OF DUTY, USURPATION OF THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT BY ONE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, AND CHARGE THE ACT OF TREASON TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Word is McChrystal is prepared to tender his resignation to the Boy King.  Let’s hope he doesn’t give Obozo the chance to mob-smack him.  Here’s hoping he had the guts to tell Obama where to get off.  NO apology tour!

Waiting with baited breath.

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