Monday’s News – Like the Oil Spill, Crisis’ Keep on Coming

Well, I took the day to do run errands but the news from Washington failed to take a break.  As Usual, one crisis follows another and rather than blog each one, I’m making a Monday list of “What All Patriotic Americans Need to Know.” 

1.  Obama caught LYING again…accuses Arizona Senator Jon Kyl of lying at an Arizona Town Hall meeting when he outed Obama’s statement that it is in the best interest of the demorat amnesty plans to NOT protect our (Ameri-zona’s) borders.  Says he wants to “bargain” border protection with VOTES for his new amnesty bill.  The denial and subsequent White House presser validates Kyl when the junior press secretary focused on fixing a broken immigration system rather than Obama’s lie.  Video is all over the internet.  Check it out.

2.  The reason for a junior press secretary is because Gates is on vacation, which is apparently status quo for the Obummer administration given that between Obama’s golfing, partying, and BBQ’ng, Rahm’s yachting, Biden’s water fights…the Gulf States have gone to “Hell in a Hand basket.”   Apparently the only time they work is when they are cramming socialist bills down our throats, taking over private enterprise, throwing money away, destroying the economy and the dollar, entertaining commies, islamofacists, and socialista’s, or campaigning for one another.  God knows America’s ship is without a rudder…and jobs…or border security…or rule of law, etc. ad naseum.

3.  By the way, BP exec Hayword is catching hades from the WH because HE went yachting.  Guess double standard has not crossed any of Ozero’s brain waves…speaking of waves, have you seen this photo from Alabama?

Makes ya sick don’t it.  I think of all the waves I have “fought” as a kid, looking out for the “big one,” readying my float for that “historic” ride towards the sand.  I could just cry.
4.  Old folks on Medicare are being turned down left and right because big government is taking over Healthcare s-l-o-w-l-y trying to keep us from noticing.  Doctors refuse to see patients for FREE and are going to quit or retire rather than buckle themselves to government shackles.  These older Americans best figure out that Obama WANTS them to die and it will only get worse.

5.  DemoRats are diddling with the budget again.  Trying to figure out how to pass a budget without letting on the fiscal red ink created by their incompetence.  They are going to make something up “that’ll do” till after November.  Worried about that November vote and thinking we are stupid enough to fall for this.  WhatEVER!

6.  Arizona’s on fire…like those poor folks need any more trouble.

7.  CNN has dropped the Associated Press Newswire…must be too expensive for their few customers…and hey, why complicate the news.  It’s easier to make it up without TRUTH getting in the way.

8.  Speaking of truth…finally the liberal journalist dingbats have admitted their talking points come straight out of the White House propaganda  machine.  Gonna entertain you and put it up .

9.  To end the list.  The White House announced today that it is GOOD for America when Barack Hussein Obama plays golf instead of doing his job.  Does it feel good to you?  I don’t feel any better…wonder how those folks in FLA, AL, Louisiana, Mississippi are feeling…reckon they are feeling better?…I mean, if the
White House said it…if you got any family down there…give’m a call…see if they are feelin’ any better since the Zero dropped a few balls….

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