“Dear Reader” Makes Eloquent Comment Worthy of Consideration

From my post “Mysterious Sattelite Picture From the Gulf” I received the following well-written and heartfelt comment.  I saw it worthy of dissemination and prayerful ponderance.

I see a horse raring up in defiance. A pale green horse like in the Book of Revelation.

I was born in Pensacola, Florida. Most of my family either lives there or in Panama City, Florida or Mobile, Alabama. My aunt that lives in Mobile called me today and said what we see on TV is NOTHING compared to what is really going on. She said it is at least 100 times worse. Obama has been to Alabama 3 times and every time before he comes my aunt said they go to the least oil infested areas of the state and spend 8 to 10 hours cleaning up the beach before he gets there and the cameras are turned on, so it doesn’t look so bad to the world.

In reality, according to my aunt, it’s a living hell there, I can only imagine what Louisiana is like. Unfortunately, she said because so many people are in financial straits due to the fishing and shrimping ban and the ban on drilling, many fisherman have been going out and fishing despite the bans. That means there could be a lot of contaminated seafood entering the grocery stores and restaurants. Don’t eat seafood. So many more animals are dead than what we’ve been led to believe. In addition to the birds, fish, and sea turtles, dolphin carcuses are floating up by the dozens every day. She told me that my children and grandchildren will never again see the white beaches that I loved so much as a child. It is now a horrific and smelly scene. Everyone on the gulf coast wants to do whatever they can to stop this, but the government will not let them. They’ve been told that if they even attempt to clean anything they will be arrested and taken to jail.

The government is stalling for some reason. They desperately need more skimmers in the gulf and there are hundreds available but they won’t allocate those claiming they need them in the event of an oil spill somewhere else. So instead, they claim they are going to build more which will take two to three months. Does any of this make sense to you? No! Does it make sense that Goldman Sachs shorted the gulf the day before the oil rig explosion, and as a consequence they are “rolling in the dough” according to an employee? No! Does it make sense that the government has turned away the help of other countries that have dealt with oil spills before, claiming to them that we’ve got it under control even though we can’t even plug the leak after 62 days? No! Does it make sense that the only people that are helping BP are prisoners that work for 10 minutes and take a break for 40 minutes to an hour when there are millions of concerned citizens that want to help in any way possible and they are told they will be arrested and taken to jail if they come any where near the shore? NO!

WAKE UP AMERICA. WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES. SOMETHING IS VERY “FISHY” ABOUT THIS MESS, DONT YOU THINK? What was Obama doing this weekend? Playing golf – he’s not worried about anything. Neither is his staff. I believe that all of this was planned to pass cap and trade and to ban offshore drilling. I urge you to keep watching and pay close attention to what you see and hear.

The government is always passing the blame off to someone else, not taking any responsibility and then while our backs are turned watching this mess or another mess, they are in congress trying to pass through more legislation that will take away more of our rights.

PLEASE be a patriot. Be a keen observer and researcher. Do your due diligence in being an investigative reporter. I believe you will not like what you find. I believe this is going to be a catastrophe of monumental proportions the likes of which we have never known. But there is HOPE!

To every soul that is reading this post – time is running out! Jesus is coming very soon! Please get your heart and soul ready for His return. Your eternal life depends on it. May God bless and protect you and your family now and forever.

Allow me to take this time to thank my readers, thank those who comment, and along with “dear commenter” encourage all to seek wisdom from God Almighty through his Holy Word, repentence, and prayer.

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