Repubx | BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion

Even though I have know about this for a week or so, just realized I had not posted it.  Remiss in my duties.  Just want all to know…our Gulf Coast…possibly the Atlantic Ocean is the price WE paid for these folks to make money.  This is what happens when we let our government take over…this is NOT about the evils of capitalism for any libtard reading this article…it is about power, corruption, an over-reaching government, the Federal Reserve and Fiat money, and the New World Order. 

Re.pubx BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion:

“Highly suspicious stock and share trades by people connected to BP before the explosion indicate some extent of foreknowledge.

Goldman Sachs dumped 44% of its shares in BP Oil during the first quarter of 2010 – shares that subsequently lost 36 percent of their value, equating to $96 million. The current chairman of Goldman Sachs is Bilderberg luminary Peter Sutherland, who is also the former chairman of British Petroleum.

Furthermore, as reported by the London Telegraph on June 5th, Tony Hayward, the current BP CEO sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the spill.

On April 12th, just over one week before the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, Halliburton, the world’s second largest oilfield services corporation, surprised some by acquiring Boots & Coots, a relatively small but vastly experienced oil well control company.”

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