Catching Heat From Left, Obama Meets With Liberal Commentators to Discuss Gulf Spill |

All the liberal talking heads that were so “unkind” to Ozero after his speech are suddenly quiet.


Want to know why? Read here Catching Heat From Left, Obama Meets With Liberal Commentators to Discuss Gulf Spill

“President Obama met with a group of prominent liberal commentators on Thursday to discuss the Gulf oil spill and the administration’s response. The meeting came in the midst of a rare firestorm of criticism from the left over the president’s response to the spill.

It was surely not coincidence that the journalists seen leaving the White House that afternoon–the New York Times’s Gail Collins, the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and the Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Seib–were some of the more prominent critics of the president’s Oval Office address on Tuesday.”

Yep.  Ozero is on a roll.  Been twisting arms all over.  He “mob-smacked” BP into a gubmint payoff /slush fund of 20 billion  and moved on to his next target.  The official propaganda puppets raised his hackles when they threatened to throw up after his speech.  I guess he told them…huh.

Funny Chris Matthews did not show up.  Ozero must have been afraid he’d “pee” on the rug or something.  You know, that tingly leg problem he has.  But anyway, peace has been restored and the State Media has received their marching orders.  They must have been a quart low on adulation for the Fuhrer and needed to be refueled.

Anyway, it is quite telling that Stalin’s little puppet moved much more quickly to contain political problems in the liberal media universe than it did to contain the oil spill.  Also spent…ohhhhh…three times as long with them as he did the BP executives. 

I’m sure they are all sufficiently in love with Obama again…looking forward to their next spanking.  “Thank you Mr. President…we love to be changed…please spank us again.”

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