Republican Senators Declare Themselves Gutless Wonders | RedState

This is a great story from Redstate.  It explains EXACTLY why I changed from lifetime GOP to unaffiliated and EXACTLY why I DO NOT TRUST “Republicans” any more or less than Democrats.   Once they turned “Republican” into a label with no regard for it’s definition…that’s when they lost me.  It’s the same game as the DemoRats play…redefine words, re-label reality, and a PR focus rather than SUBSTANCE and TRUTH. 

The local GOP wants me back.  It’s a shame that National leadership precludes this from happening any time soon.  I’ll let Redstate explain.

Republican Senators Declare Themselves Gutless Wonders RedState: “The Politico has a story about Republican Senators running away from Sharron Angle. It includes this gem of gutless wonderdom:

Several Senate Republicans told POLITICO that they don’t favor privatizing Social Security, as Angle has supported. Small government conservatives said it doesn’t make sense to eliminate the Energy and Education departments – as she’s called for in the past. And some recoiled at the thought of pulling the United States out of the United Nations, a position Angle has touted.


First of all, no person can be a “small government conservative” without wanting to make government smaller. Getting rid of Energy and Education are long held small government conservative positions.  And privatizing social security is a terrifically conservative idea.

These are your Republican Senators. These are your allegedly conservative Senators.”

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