Mental Breakdown Characterized by Windmills, Delusions of Grandeur, and Megalomaniacal Urgings – Unicorn Sighted at the White House – Cold Compresses and Fainting Generals

Things are unraveling at the Big House on the Hill.  Obummer fades in and out of reality.  From his Tuesday speech, Ozero appears to be suffering some sort of detachment disorder.  I’ve seen autistic children display more connection/emotion than this man who depends on teleprompters for the time of day.  The guy does not even appear to understand we have a catastrophic oil spill going on, as he jokes about “suckin it up with a straw” and chooses instead to pitch his “green energy” snake oil. 

I’ve seen the rats scuttling across his feet while he narcissistically vogues for the public eye and I would not be surprised to see unicorns and fairies frolicking in the background .    Of similar opinion is this Redstate article:

“While conservatives have had a marvelous time laughing at Barry O the Butt Kicker who can’t plug the darn hole, none of us should expect anything else from him.Whether conservatives, independents, and liberals want to admit it or not, the platitudes Barack Obama pronounced Tuesday night are all he can say on the subject of the oil spill. That might make your head spin to consider, but it is the God’s honest truth. He is not physically or mentally able to go beyond those words.

Barack Obama, like Carter before him, has a world view that government can solve every problem. All problems are problems for government intervention.

But here is a problem the government cannot solve. It will not solve it. It has not solved it. It is not going to be solved by the government. This oil leaking from the Gulf of Mexico is a problem that will be solved by a private company working in collaboration with other private companies.

The government has failed the basic task of securing the border from illegal immigrants. It is failing to secure the coastline from the oil slick. Government is failing. Barack Obama believes government cannot fail. Therefore, Barack Obama is left with nothing to say except ‘windmills.’”

Gen. Petraeus fainted during a press conference.  The press has concluded “dehydration” as the culprit.  I would, tongue in cheek, suggest otherwise.  It was the ever pervasive Obama unicorns that scared him unconscious.  As God points out in Job 39:9–12,  the unicorn, “whose strength is great,” is useless for agricultural work, refusing to serve man or “harrow (plow) the valley.”

Obama IS useless.  He serves no one but himself, certainly not the American people.  It’s a wonder we are not all in a dead faint….

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