Pulled From Obummers “Tool” Kit – Czars…Congress…Now the Gulf Coast

Floridians and Gulf Coast States are noticing a disturbing trend.  In an America that was built with American Hands, these hands are no longer being allowed to help.  It was American volunteerism that sifted through the disaster of 9/11.  This type of volunteerism is apparently not needed in the oil crisis down south.  It was and still is volunteerism, feet to the street from caring Americans, who continue to rebuild and help the victims of Katrina now that the Feds have long since abandoned the people.

From NBC in Miami comes the following.

 Miami-Dade Plan for Oil Clean Up? Just Say No to Volunteers NBC Miami: “Television reports from the Panhandle show oily beaches and coastlines with no cleaning crews anywhere in sight. So anxiety is rising in South Florida over whether preparations by local governments will avoid a seeming shortage of clean-up crews.”

The article goes on to state: 

Federal and state agencies will run the show and command county agencies in what to do. 

At this point, concerned citizens want to know what they can do to help, but the answer in Miami-Dade may be nothing.

“Volunteers are not going to be involved in picking up the tar balls,” said Espinosa. “That is going to be contract people and or people who are trained and who have the proper equipment and protection to do that.”

A comment to this article went like this:

Here in South Louisiana many volunteers have also been turned away. people volunteering to clean and transport oiled birds have been told that you have to be a “professional bird washer” and when you call the numbers to volunteer you are passed around till you get to voicemail then your call is never returned. we, down here, want to clean up our own areas and take care of our place but they are not letting. its almost like they want it to be that way.

The article ended with Espinosa saying the county is keeping track of the man hours and costs of planning for the oil impact and BP will be billed for the costs.  When Espinosa was asked whether BP would be billed for the loss in value of our beaches, our fishing, our tourism, and more – should that happen. His answer was unclear.

From  WOAI  we get verification of similar action in Texas:

“Every morning BP sends its crews out and they clean the beach out after high tide,” said Domingue. “They clean it up real quick and make sure to put it all in these big canvas bags.” 

Domingue believes many grassroots efforts to help out with the disaster haven’t been successful. He says thousands of volunteers have been turned away.

“What they are telling volunteers is that they are not allowed to clean up, because they don’t have hazmat training,” said Domingue.

From The Times/Picayune, animal rescue volunteers are being regularly turned away. This comment from an “uncertified,” turned away volunteer.

First of all I dealt with the dogs and cats after Katrina for three years after the storm and it wasn’t always so pleasant and not all of them as someone said earlier “were socialized.” You ever try to save a feral dog or cat, I have the scars to prove it. Secondly, two years ago when I found a pelican on the beach in Florida wrapped in fish line with the fishing hook in his mouth, I personally was glad to have 6 people that were NOT certified and simply ran out of their hotels there to help me. You can hurt any animal if you don’t know what your doing or even if you do, dog, cat, bird, even a family fish. One question to all, how many times have any of you UNCERTIFIED people found a baby bird fall out of a tree and save it, one way or another, did you kill it by picking it up and getting it help?

In response to the same article a nurse laments:

I am a registered nurse with 25 years experience. I worked for a small and large animal veterinarian during college. I’ve cared for newborn babies and adults in ICUs, and have some experience in occupational health as well. If I can’t be trained to take care of oiled wildlife in a very short period of time, there’s something really wrong with this picture. I signed as a volunteer on every website I could find over a month ago. I have resubmitted my volunteer application several times. So far, I’ve only been notified of one volunteer opportunity: coordinating bird transport in Cocodrie. No accommodations are available, meaning a very long commute from New Orleans every day. Not a very efficient use of resources. They’ve had a month and a half to prepare for this. I am not at all encouraged by the way this is being organized.

I have no doubt that the animal rescue groups are OVERWHELMED during this crisis.  Make no mistake I am not bashing their efforts.  My problem is the overall pervasive notion that American Volunteerism is secondary to Federal efforts that are FAILING.  Sadly I believe the above mentioned sentence “the county is keeping track of the man hours and costs of planning for the oil impact and BP will be billed for the costs” says it all.

Obama’s Chicago Thugery is at work, in high gear, and the people of America are confusing this with “saving the Gulf Region.”  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told CNN’s “State of the Union” on May 2: “Our job basically is to keep the boot on the neck of British Petroleum to carry out the responsibilities they have both under the law and contractually to move forward and stop this spill.”

What about the responsibility that WE have?  What about the responsibility that OUR GOVERNMENT has?  This goes to show our governments efforts, or lack thereof, has NOTHING to do with saving the Gulf.  It has everything to do with using this crisis to promote Obummers clean energy agenda and shifting blame,   As Robert Gibbs stated. “we will keep our boot on the throat of BP to ensure they’re doing all that is necessary.”  Which means in mob terms “get their money.”  

This is about another Obama power grab.  He is a sadist drunk on power AND the trampling of his enemy who is helpless.  BP is not the enemy.  We are.  Those of us who fight his idea of a totalitarian rule are his enemy.  So far we have been helpless to stop his agenda.  He has passed HealthCare though the majority of Americans were against it.  He has handed over internet regulation to the FCC even though the US Court of Appeals ruled the FCC has no authority over the internet.  He has, in his thuggishness, declared war on the Supreme Court over their January 21 decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.  He intends, with the prolonged extension of the Gulf Crisis, to force Cap and Trade/green energy on an America that does not want it.

Our helplessness is not defined by us.  It is defined by a usurper president who DOES NOT CARE!  As Rush Limbaugh stated “He’s only advancing his agenda by coercion, fraud, and deceit: not because his ideas are in the majority.”

To all the Gulf Coasters who are not allowed to help rescue their coast and way of life, take heed.  Your questions are logical.  Unfortunately the answers lie somewhere between “it’s like they want it to be this way” and “the county is keeping track of the costs.”  This trend has everything to do with using the oil spill crisis against Obama’s true enemies…the people of America. 

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