Unbalanced Obama, Unbalanced Justice, and the PMS of Judge Chatigny, 2nd Circuit Nominee…What Happens to a Country When Girly Men Go Wild

This is REALLY getting old.  Once again Obama has selected an ideologue from his bag of cronies as nominee for the 2nd Circuit US Court of Appeals.  Go to Redstate.com for the full article and argument against this empathetic judge who has proven his inability to abstain from legislation from the bench.  This appointment would place Judge Chatigny in a lifetime appointment one step below the US Supreme Court.  Like Obama’s nominee of Elena Kagan, this man represents the continuation of the Obama Social Change agenda and the further destruction of our Judicial branch of government.  Chatigny has to be removed from consideration and more importantly, Obama must be stopped. Video is of Chatigny’s testimony before committee that took place last week.

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