“Ash in the Air, Oil in the Water, and Blood in the Streets”

Being a Georgia girl at heart, this same heart was broken upon the video viewing that follows. In downtown Atlanta, was a gathering of amnesty activists.  They called themselves “brown,” replete with misspelled signs, mislead people, misinformed speakers, stirred to a froth by a mislaid tirade of communist revolution.

I couldn’t help but remember the days of my youth, watching fascinated from the backseat, scenes of what Daddy called the “Hippies,” smoking “grass” on the downtown Atlanta streets in their flower power attire, pulling their “hippie babies” behind them in red wagons.

Fascinating as it was to a preteen child in those days, my old memories were of the streams of “Jackie Blue” on the radio, a window into what was a weird but “unique to Atlanta” culture, and NO FEAR of the long haired boys handing out the communist manifesto on each corner. Back then it was all about free love, a Don Quixote-esk search for “truth”, and the shock value of the female breast unencumbered by foundation garments.

This scene is different. It is marked by anger. Violence. A call to revolution suggesting “arms” as opposed to freedom of the breast from the bourgeois confines of the brassiere. Scary and serious.

My friend Mary saw a quote the other day…I don’t know the author’s name…but giving him credit, albeit un-named, he said the following words. “There is ash in the air, oil in the water, and blood in the streets.” Yes, dear reader, this video portends the calling for blood…by radicals engaging the uneducated, as they simultaneously target the illegal occupiers of our land. We would be simpleton’s to ignore or not take seriously the amped up activities of these treasonist enemies of America.

Pedro Merin, Democrat GA State Representative, called out for voter registration to a crowd with, most likely, a sizable percentage of illegals. This would suggest a call for voter fraud. How Georgians put this man into office will forever baffle the conscience of this American.

If this video does not ignite the remnant ancestral DNA that courses through the veins of many of us, the course of America’s history will soon be changed.

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