Cornell Chronicle: Sociologist studies terrorist networks…on FACEBOOK?…Yep, Government is looking for Dangerous Tea Partiers & Vets Going “Postal”

Oh brother. Here goes Homeland Security looking for “home grown” terrorists again….

Cornell Chronicle: Sociologist studies terrorist networks:
“A Cornell sociologist is launching a new study to develop methods of identifying covert social networks, including terrorists who are preparing attacks, human traffickers and drug smugglers, among other groups.

Matthew Brashears, assistant professor of sociology, has received a three-year, $797,000 grant from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for the study that aims to help the U.S. government thwart terrorist attacks.

‘We’re very excited to have a chance to do this kind of work,’ said Brashears, who wrote the grant proposal with sociology doctoral candidate Michael Genkin. ‘It’s becoming very difficult in the modern age to interdict decentralized criminal activities. Developing better and more reliable ways to identify terrorist activities ahead of when they carry out an attack is something that everyone would like to see happen.’”

First of all, who in the world is the “Defense Threat Reduction Agency” and where did the $797,000 come from. Oh I forgot…the TAXPAYER (ME) is paying for this bunch of hooey.

Save our money, braintrusts! These “terrorists” are easy to find. WE CARRY SIGNS!

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