What Really Happened in the Nathan Tabor/Governor Spencer Throwdown – It is Really Quite Simple

Wow. I can hardly believe the direction the lib’s are taking this Tabor incident. It has turned into a diatribe of Alinsky styled insults running the gamut of black vs. white to rich vs. poor. A fairly straight forward incident is being turned into a partisan circus. This is a common tactic of the left.

The long time socialist and Black Liberation attacker, Governor Spencer, went to the trouble to stop his car…park…get out…verbally assault a small group of peaceful protestors (mostly if not all white)…put his hand on a woman in an aggressive fashion…and throw a WWF punch on a clean cut, nicely dressed white male holding a camera.

Had Mr. Spencer stayed in his car and moved on down the road, like a civilized mature adult, none of this would have happened. We did not see protesters yelling at his car, we did not see protesters approaching him, and we did not see protesters inviting him to speak out. What we saw was an angry man inserting himself into the middle of a group of people he did not know, an angry man attempting to incite anger from the crowd, an angry man pushing a woman, and an angry man throwing a punch over a protective response that he himself provoked.

I will tell you exactly what happened AND why. It all goes back to community organizing techniques.

Rules for Radicals #3: “Whenever possible go outside the experience of the enemy to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.” Mr. Spencer approached a crowd of peaceful white folks KNOWING that they were not expecting him to take such aggressive action. He used his aggressive and thuggish behavior to ramp up emotions with the expectation that the group would get confused, feel fear of the “BIG ANGRY BLACK man” and do something stupid because of their fear.

Rule for Radicals #4: “Make the enemy live up to his /her own book of rules. You can kill them with this.” Mr. Spencer violently accused a group of people he did not know of failing to protest the Bush Cheney administration over the same ideology they were protesting today. Making the point that their “rules” were applied unfairly to different political administrations.

Rules for Radicals #5: “Use ridicule to infuriate the opposition, who then react to your advantage.” In Mr. Spencer’s attempt to infuriate the opposition, what he got was a camera in the face and a request to back off.

Rules for Radicals #9: “The threat is generally more terrifying than the thing itself.” Mr. Spencer injected his large person into a group of peaceful citizens. Intimidation with size. He picked a group of mostly Caucasians. Intimidation with color. He used loud, intimidating speech to instill fear. He used aggressive physical movement to instill fear.

Rules for Radicals #10: “In a fight almost anything goes.” Mr. Spencer had to create an atmosphere to spark a physical confrontation in order to create a defense for his own intentional and aggressive actions.

Rules for Radicals #12: “Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Mr. Spencer originally picked a female (Rachel in pink shirt) as his target in his initial confrontation. After Joyce pulled Rachel away, he changed his target to Nathan’s wife.

Rules for Radicals #12: “Pick a target that is vulnerable…” This sterling example of a man chose not one, BUT TWO WOMEN. First Rachel and then Nathan’s wife. Both white, both smaller than he, and neither of them a physical threat to him. Not only did he pick on WOMEN, he chose a MOTHER with a CHILD. Nothing more vulnerable than that.

Rules for Radicals #10: “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.” In this case, Mr. Spencer’s enemy personified was a WHITE, CONSERVATIVE, MIDDLE CLASS looking enemy. Unfortunately for him, the only one properly “goaded” was Mr. Spencer himself…clearly outnumbered and out classed by this group.

Mr. Governor Spencer did an excellent job attempting to implement Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to carry out his personal agenda. I give him kudos for effort.

Unfortunately he failed along the way in his ability to “seal the deal.” Why did he fail? Allow me to suggest the following reasons.

1.He picked the wrong crowd. This was an organized Tea Party crowd…not all GOP. Present in the crowd was Nathan Tabor, Forsyth County GOP Chairman and former candidate for Congress. Also present was Scott Cumbie, 12 District Candidate running against Mel Watts and if not Nathan Jones, Tea Party and District 32 candidate for NC Senate, several members of his campaign were present. These were seasoned, informed, conservative activists who know the ropes and are not easily manipulated.

2.He picked a group that are skilled in recognizing Alinskyian tactics and prepared to withstand an Alinskyian assault.

3.He forgot about the cameras until one looked him in the eye.

4.He picked on a female whose husband was in close proximity.

5.He allowed the crowds lack of fear and response to his tactics infuriate him.

6.He fell victim to his own anger and ended up properly goaded to throw a punch.

7.He did not expect to be surrounded and outnumbered by a group of strong, determined white men.

8.He tried to flee the scene…evidently confused by the complete lack of fear or manipulation displayed by Nathan as he followed Mr. Spencer, with camera in hand, all the way to his car.

9.He picked on a Christian man, well grounded in his faith, who under the protection and umbrella of God’s law, responded without FEAR or reservation.

So all this maneuvering by Mr. Spencer’s lawyer about wealth and all this lib talk about race is nothing but white noise. Mr. Spencer has been practicing community organizing techniques since the early 90’s in Greensboro. He approached this group with the intentions of using his years of experience to stir up trouble. He’s accomplished the stirring up trouble part. Trouble for him that is. The courthouse in Greensboro is going to be under the microscope as this assault case moves forward. The ENTIRE country will be watching. I would not want to be the magistrate or the judge on this case. Love to be on the jury though!

Mr. Governor Spencer failed to realize that times have changed. Conservative America GETS it now…and we are informed…prepared…determined…to give these folks a spoonful of their own medicine. How’d that taste Mr. Spencer?

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