Traffic Camera’s Don’t Jive – New Precedent

Just found this court judgement in Cali that establishes precedent to defeat use of traffic cams to convict traffic violators. I find this kind of stuff interesting because it reflects the status of our rights or loss thereof per the Constitution.

Before the link in presented, tickle your brain with a few thoughts. My premise begins thusly. It is our constitutional right to move unhindered from Point A to Point B because it is God-given.

Over the years, this has changed. Old movie buffs can recall scenes of children driving cars and saloon be-sotted cowboys asleep at the reins as their horse heads towards the ranch. In our early history, government did not interfere or police the individuals movement from point A to point B.

Over time our God-given right has morphed into government controlled movement. In 2010 we must be certified, permited, tagged, insured, and paid up to get the governments permission to transport ourselves and THEN, must transport ourselves in such fashion as approved by them. Should we err, we are penalized by harassment, fines, or imprisonment. As it now stands, our God given right to move has become a government given permission.

Do not misunderstand my statement! I am not being an advocate for an unconstrained society or labeling our country as in a “police state.” Yet. Simply stating the basic facts.

If your brain is sufficiently tickled by these thoughts, this judgement will be of interest. It succeeds in preserving the individuals rights. It does not, however, use the Constitution to do it. Click here for document.

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