The EPA Can Now Turn Out the Lights – Murkowski Resolution FAILS

From comes the following news:

This is rule by an iron fist.

Yesterday, the Senate had an opportunity to overturn a tyrannical usurpation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifying carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as harmful pollutants under the terms of the Clean Air Act. Sadly, Senator Lisa Murkowski’s resolution failed by a vote of 47-53, leaving the agency in the command-and-control position to set the nation’s energy policy with arbitrary limits on carbon emissions.

This basically means that the EPA is now free and clear to set as draconian restrictions on energy usage as it wants. Which will mean higher energy prices, lost jobs, lost business, and the blind imposition of a radical, environmentalist agenda upon an unwilling American populace.

In short, the Senate has affirmed the EPA’s singular authority to turn out the lights.

So much for consent by the governed. Just passin’ it on.

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