Richard Burr Votes For GIVE Act: It is Costing Taxpayers $234 Million AS OF THIS WEEK – Just Sayin’s All

Just in case all you GOP’ers forgot, Richard Burr voted YES on the GIVE act. Urging a Yes vote during Congressional discussion in early 2009, Sen. BARBARA MIKULSKI (D, MD) stated:

“We are going to expand AmeriCorps activity into specialized corps. One, an education corps; another, a health futures corps; another, a veterans corps; and another called opportunity corps. These are not outside of AmeriCorps. They will be subsets because we find this is where compelling human need is and at the same time offers great opportunity for volunteers to do it.”

Not ONE senator spoke against the amendment. Well North Carolina…here it goes. From the Associated Press on June 7 comes the following article. (Hat tip NC Freedom)

WASHINGTON — The government took the first step Monday in expanding the AmeriCorps program, awarding grants to nonprofits and other organizations to put 57,000 AmeriCorps members to work in communities around the country.

The grants, totaling $234 million, are the first to be released under a new law aimed at tripling the national service program by 2017. States and territories will also get an additional $129 million for AmeriCorps slots. Officials expect to have a total of 85,000 people enrolled in the program this year.

From Red Green & comes

“Passed by the House of Representatives with a 321-105 margin, HR 1388: the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, dubbed the “GIVE” act, would require the US government to develop a plan to implement a “mandatory service requirement for all able young people.”

Anybody ever heard of the “Brown shirts?” That is the direction this travesty will take.

Richard Burr knew it. I know because I TOLD HIM. His Washington office called me and tried to explain. I told them THIS was going to happen. They said it was not. And. It has. I’ve saved their letter too.

Just passing it on.

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