If You Have 10 Minutes…How Does a Bill That Gives Government 60% Control Over the US Economy Sound?

Any time someone “accuses” me of being a “constitutionalist,” I look at bills like this and KNOW…one day, their progressivism WILL come home to roost. Whether the subject is illegal confiscation of property, telling a store owner they can’t sell a profitable product “because drug addicts use it,” or that a Sheriff is limited in his power to affect illegal immigration “because power flows from the Federal government”…it makes me sad but…I know…their progressivism will one day be turned against them…like the Code Punk’s and radicals are turning on Pelosi and Barney… Yep, one day, that progressive law is going to bite the progressive’s hand that gave it life. And it aint gonna be pretty. Too bad they are taking us down with them.

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