Greensboro Scene of Progressive Violence Against Conservatives

Our own GOP Chairman Nathan Tabor was attacked at a peaceful protest yesterday in Greensboro. Hat tip to Nathan on the Brietbart article and Nathan’s post of the video evidence of the violence of the left.

This illustrates the civil war going on in the Democratic party and it’s end result within our society. They have invited the radical fringe into their party and this is evidence that things are going bad. The radicals are getting angry… Obama’s lies are catching up to him and WE THE PEOPLE are getting attacked in the streets. Pelosi/Reid/Obama thought they could use these dangerous people. What they did not realize is the radicals were USING them. And like a rabid dog, the owner becomes the enemy.

Fools made the bed and we are left to lay in it. It is going to get worse. You tube pulled my original video. I thank Gateway Pundit for this copy.

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