Americans for Prosperity Brings Down the House with J.D. Hayworth!

By Sandra Robles

Americans for Prosperity opened their Winston Salem, NC chapter with a Conservative BANG Tuesday, June 8th! The esteemed speaker for the event was J.D. Hayworth who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 through 2007 from Arizona. This great state has made history with their “If the feds won’t do it, WE WILL” stance on illegal immigration.

J.D. is currently running against incumbent Senator John McCain for Republican nomination to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate.

The banquet room at the Golden Corral was packed and J.D. was made to feel welcome by Forsyth County patriots! His speech was animated, constitutionally empowering, and riveting. He focused on illegal immigration, Arizona, our Constitutional freedoms, as well as his plans/proposed legislation that would hold Congress accountable to the citizens AND their oath to the Constitution.

He also spoke on his race against McCain and the difficulties of fighting against the Washington Insider’s big money machine.

He needs our support North Carolina! It was a great time, great turn out, and great opportunity that was enjoyed by all! Don’t send your money to the Washington RINO machine to be used on strip clubs and booze…candidates such as J.D. Hayworth can take back this country with what they spend on a few cocktails! America has been punch drunk on the “Soetero Sangria” for far too long. It is time to sober up people!

I would encourage all patriots to check out Americans for Prosperity on the web and join us as we WORK towards our goal of taking back America. Below are several video shorts from the Americans For Prosperity Grand Opening event.

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