Pricey Costs YOU Money While Winkie Winks, Alice’s Head Stuck in Rabbit Hole – Al Gore Groupies in North Carolina Legislature

Civitas shook the North Carolina legislative tree this week and these three NUTS fell out.

General Assembly Moves to Save the World | John W. Pope Civitas Institute:

“Sponsored by Reps. Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford), Alice Graham Underhill (D-Craven) and Winkie Wilkins (D-Person), HB1807 is a resolution entitled “Support Federal Climate Change Legislation.” The resolution is full of claims perpetuated by the same false science that fuels the insanity of global warming alarmists everywhere.

The resolution calls for federal legislation that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, most likely in the form of carbon taxes or some form of cap and trade, which will cause energy prices to skyrocket. Furthermore, the resolution requests that federal climate change legislation – endorsed publicly by Climate Change (aka Global Warming) advocate and former Democratic Presidential nominee Al Gore – not interfere with state legislative efforts to control carbon emissions. Such language provides a glimpse into the future of the state as Gore groupies Harrison, Underhill and Wilkins reveal their desire to control individuals through carbon taxes on the state level. It is as though these three do not see that North Carolina is taxed enough already.”

Like I said in one of my blogs yesterday, go on down to the corner market and buy yourself a lottery ticket. IF YOU WIN YOU CAN MOVE TO A STATE THAT DOESN’T TAX YOU TO DEATH.

P.S. What kind of mother would name a child “Pricey” or worse “Winkie.” No doubt the names are fitting in this situation.

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