President Sanford & Son Morphs Into Grumpy Old Man

Looks like We-the-people are not the only ones with an attitude problem. Mr. Obummer is cracking under the HEAT. Destroying America turned out to be a bit more stressful than he expected. Where is George Bush anyway. This is bound to be his fault….

Unpresidential Obama – HUMAN EVENTS: “In recent days, President Barack Obama has eclipsed his unflappable campaign image, exposing himself as man with a melting point, a Mr. Once-Cool turned hot. After 18 months, his approval ratings continue to drop as his losses outpace his wins and his rock-star status of 2008 feels more garage-band as the dog days of summer descend on deflated Washington.

The media, even those squarely in his corner, are using words like snappish, on the edge, even testy and defensive to describe Mr. Obama’s response to an increasing host of issue woes that have tested his administration’s ability to govern and strained his loping, athletic portrait and sleek “I’ve got this” visage. It appears that as his frustration mounts, confidence even among some Democrats has waned, his considerable influence declining as he stumps for vulnerable congressional candidates with a midterm election looming.”

Miss Jacobus, in a column she writes for The Hill, described his behavior as “presidential petulance,” calling Mr. Obama “weak but hardly humbled.” Mr. Obama, she added, “is in dire need of a tutorial on how to win friends and influence people.”

“Senate Republicans have been smacked over the head with the olive branch too many times, so the dearth of trust should come as no surprise,” she writes. “Obama’s ‘my way or the highway’ approach is truly stinking up the joint.”

Kinda like when Bill Clinton didn’t inhale. Can’t miss that smell anywhere.

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