It’s Not the Gulf Coast They Are Trying to Kill…It is AMERICA

The fragile coastal environment of the Gulf Coast OR the Atlantic Seaboard mean nothing to Obama’s administration or his crooked EPA. This damaged well is nothing but a crisis to be exploited to benefit Obama’s political agenda.

As long as the exploded well is left unchecked, the Gulf Coast industries of Shrimping, Fishing, Oil, and Tourism DIE. In “Gubmint” terms, the people involved in these industries are at the MERCY of the Federal government. This prolonged crisis creates an entirely new dependant class. Quite timely if you ask me. Read this article (entire excellent article through the link)and then have a look at the video.

They don’t WANT to cap the oil well! At least not yet. « ((( ))):

“All around the country people are coming up with ideas to to fix this broken pipe in the Gulf. Dennis Wagner, an employee with Con Edison in New York, claims to have a solution for the huge slick he describes in is his interview with ABC, and it just might work. But…There is one problem. They don’t WANT to cap the oil Well. At least not yet.

Unfortunately, we don’t look at the political strategies of history to see how they could be repeating themselves today. We forget so easily. We let our emotions guide our decisions instead of logic and facts. The simple fact is we are being manipulated to emotionally react in a twisted game of political chess.”

These criminals are playing a sick game. Our coastline is the immediate casualty, all of America is the target.

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