NC Senate Bankrupting the State With THIS Massive Spending Bill – “Please Pass the Taxes” and Good Home Spending as the People’s Goose is Cooked

Straight from Sen. Peter Brunstetter’s June 3 Newsletter comes the following information.

“The newspapers and other media outlets are doing a good job of describing the action in the House, so I will focus my comments on activities in the Senate this week. The most substantive and hotly debated piece of legislation to make it through the Senate this week was Senate Bill 1378, craftily named the “Build North Carolina’s Future Act” by someone with at least an undergraduate degree in spin doctoring. Under the guise of creating jobs in North Carolina and making the State more globally competitive, the bill is really a vehicle for a bond issue of approximately $451 million. The money goes to the completion of engineering facilities at NC State and NC A&T University, equipment purchases for the university system and community colleges and an extensive list of repair and renovation projects.

The specific projects themselves are certainly worthy, but the timing couldn’t be worse. I thought the Charlotte Observer said it best in an editorial recently. Passing a bond of this magnitude, without voter approval, during this economy, is “evidence of a signal disconnect with the state's financial plight.” In other words, it would appear to show that Legislators are out of touch with reality, a reality our constituents understand all too well.

Anyway, the bill passed on largely partisan lines, with a few Senators on either side of the aisle crossing over. The bill now heads to the House, where I am told it may not even get a hearing. “

NC is already in the top five states nearest to bankruptcy. Our State Health Plan is 500 million in the red. What harm is a little 451 million gonna do? North Carolina citizens would RATHER pay this off than eat, pay our bills, put clothes on our backs and gas in our cars. For all the nay sayers, just run on down to the corner market for a LOTTERY ticket. Maybe you will win, all your problems will vanish into thin air, and you CAN MOVE TO A STATE THAT DOESN’T TAX IT’S CITIZENS TO DEATH.

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