Union fails in move aimed at N.C. Democrats who opposed health bill

This article references the Union that took over SEANC in NC in 2008. SEANC is the State Employees Association of NC. They regularly collect DUES from state employees who are unaware that their association is now a Union controlled political tool. The North Carolina State Employee Payroll department does not have the authority to stop payments to this group EVEN upon the request of the employee. Any employee who has allowed SEANC to direct draft dues from their salaries prior to the SEIU taking over their association CANNOT stop this draft without permission of the SEIU. If you are a state employee who joined SEANC prior to 2008, be aware that the SEIU has more right to your hard earned salary than YOU do. Your state does not provide you protection from this union, nor can they remove this draft from your paycheck. You must follow union rules to stop your payment and this can take up to 2 drafts of union dues to accomplish. I called the state payroll department and they would not and could not stop the illegal and forced confiscation of union dues from my husbands pay check. Thugs and theives are on the loose in NC. Just letting you know.

Union fails in move aimed at N.C. Democrats who opposed health bill: “A defiant move by one of the nation’s most powerful unions to help oust Democrats who voted against the health-care bill by establishing a third political party in North Carolina has failed because organizers did not collect enough signatures to qualify for the November midterm elections.

The Service Employees International Union and its North Carolina affiliate did not gather the 85,000 signatures by Tuesday’s deadline. But organizers said they are drafting an independent candidate to challenge Rep. Larry Kissell, a first-term Democrat from a swing district who voted against the bill.”

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