Obama’s Memorial Weekend Proclamation – Basically an “up yours” to our Military

Barack Hussein Obama cannot come off of vacation long enough to place a wreath at the grave of the unknown soldier. He decided to do something better for our military and the current debate on “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Click here for Obama’s Memorial Day gift to America. What a jerk.

And let’s not forget the sweet little gesture made by Congress on Thursday.

Joint Chief Chairman Critical of Gay Ban Vote: “Joint Chief Chairman Critical of Gay Ban Vote
Sunday, 30 May 2010 10:03 AM Article Font Size
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says he would have preferred that Congress had waited before voting to repeal the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy that bans gays from serving openly in the military.

A House vote on Friday was a step toward repealing the ban. But the vote also gives the Pentagon until year’s end to study how to make that happen. A Senate committee approved the change Thursday, but the full Senate isn’t expected to act for months.

Mullen tells CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ that the congressional action does allow the Pentagon time to complete its plans to survey troops and their families, and then certify that the repeal won’t hurt the military’s ability to fight, as well as to recruit and retain soldiers.”

These votes/proclamations were meant to intentionally demoralize our military. All who voted for this should all be impeached.

But hey, The Good LORD had the last word when it came to the hypocrite “acting” solemn and presidential in Elwood, Illinois.

American Grand Jury: “ELWOOD, ILL. –Heavy thunderstorms interrupted President Obama’s visit to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Elwood, Ill., today, and he urged those on hand to take shelter in their cars.

Obama laid a wreath at the tombstones of veterans at the cemetery just after 11 a.m. today. — and just before the skies opened up.”

But Obama could not even begin his speech as heavy rains poured down, drowning out his words. Thunder and lightning interrupted him. He said he did not want to risk anyone’s safety, so he asked people to go back to their cars.

The president said he’d wait to see if the thunder passes “in the next 15-20 minutes.”

More than 20 minutes later, the thunder, lightning and downpour continue strong.

The wreath the president set up has blown over in the storm.

The LORD shut him up BIG TIME! HE didn’t appear to be interested in the fake sentiment OR the wreath that Obambam put out either. And isn’t it fitting that lightening CHASED Obama away from ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S Memorial Cemetery! All of heaven must have roared with laughter as Obama ran for safety. Hate to tell him…he can run, but he cannot hide. Nobody wanted to hear what he had to say anyway. It is usually all lies.

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