Woman shot, killed in Yuba City home | Did She Deserve to Die?

By Sandra Robles

Imagine this scenario. You are inside your home in a relatively affluent neighborhood. By 10:00 PM, the sun has gone down for the day, supper is over, the kitchen is clean, and you are prepared to climb into bed. Sometime after 10:00, the doorbell rings. You expect nor have invited any guests. Concerned for the safety of yourself and your property, you invoke your constitutional right to bear arms. The uninvited guests turn out to be the police. You have broken no laws or reported no crime. You ask them to leave.

As a matter of fact, your property had been trespassed upon earlier in the day and you asked that trespasser to remove themselves. You punctuated your request by displaying a weapon, within the confines of your private property, which helped convince the intruder to leave. You align yourself with the belief that it is your Constitutional right to keep your personal property/self safe from intruders.

So…for the second time in the same day your privacy is once again disturbed. However, within 15 minutes of this visit, your are dead. Not murdered by a criminal element or a thief but by the police. You never broke a law. You never left your house. You never fired a shot. You never reported a crime. You had no history of criminal behavior nor of disturbing the peace. You exercise your LEGAL and Constitutional right to own and bear arms per Article 2. Your property was intruded upon and you demanded the intruders remove themselves from your private property.

Now…I want you to think about the above scenario AS IF IT WERE YOU. Do you believe in the concept of private property? Do you believe you have the right to protect your private property/self with deadly force if need be? Do you believe in your right to own a gun? Do you believe you can own a gun but do not have the right to use it? What is the value of a gun if it cannot be used to protect self/property/hunt? Do the police have legal rights that supersede your legal rights of private property and self protection? Do you believe you have a right to privacy? There are thousands of questions one could ask, but you get my point. Sometimes it is necessary to examine our core belief systems and situations like this provide a catalyst.

The following article was published this week. It actually happened. Click the link to see entire article for all the details.

Woman shot, killed in Yuba City home | family, city, wo – Breaking News – Appeal-Democrat: “A U.S. Census worker ‘had been confronted by residents who pointed a firearm at the worker and said they would not answer any questions and closed the door,’ said police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey.

When two male officers arrived, 51-year-old Lionel Craig Patterson answered the door, armed with a handgun, police said. ‘As officers were dealing with the male, a female approached the door with a shotgun and ignored officers’ orders to release the weapon. As the female advanced on officers, she continued to point the shotgun at officers in a threatening manner and the two officers fired their service weapons, hitting the female,’ the police report said.

Both officers fired their guns, said Pavey, adding she didn’t believe Roger-Vasselin or Patterson fired.”

It is my concern that this will be happening all over the country. Census workers, typically unemployed and poorly trained temporary workers, are on the move everywhere. They represent “Federal agencies” who see their power and authority as limitless.

I am not sure what the police thought they would accomplish by approaching this home. Their intent certainly seems convoluted at best. Seriously, what could they accomplish? Fuss at the homeowner? Complete the census themselves? Educate the homeowner? Or, where they there to threaten….

My husband retired from law enforcement. There is no way these officers had a warrant because they got the call around 9:00 o’clock and approached the residence in a hour or so. If this police department runs true to other departments, their response time was typical(an hour) and certainly they did not have time to attain the signature of a judge for a warrant.

Let me get to my point. Most Americans have NO CLUE of their loss of Constitutional Rights to privacy, property, and self protection. As the average citizen slept… local, state, and federal laws have usurped the foundation of freedom laid by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. These great documents have been neutered. Take my word for it. These officers will never be tried for murder. The story will die. Main Stream Media will ignore it.

What advice can I offer you? Do not open your door to strangers. Do not engage. Opening a door with weapon in hand may be constitutionally legal but these days it will get you killed. Do not assume you have the right to privacy or private property. Truth be known, the intruders (whether police or thieves, game wardens or poachers, census workers or the IRS) have more rights on your property than YOU. Want proof? See article concerning Arizona rancher being sued by illegal immigrants.

Police today are on edge. Do not be aggressive. Showing a weapon will be considered aggression. Nothing is more passive than hiding in your closet…with your gun. If the closet door opens and you feel threatened…fire.

Does my advice make you angry? I hope it does. Do I sound like a sell out? You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Knowing the facts…exposing the truth…is the beginning of change. It is time America woke up and reclaimed their authority as citizens of a free Republic.

Educate yourself.

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