NC Legislation Will Hurt Small Business SB829 – Citizens of Poor Moral Character Only Allowed 10% Ownership – Civitas Review Online

Of all the STUPID bills to consider, this one takes the cake. Since when did the GOVERNMENT have any business dictating moral character of the citizenry! Not that we couldn’t use a bit of help to clear out the crooks in Washington (and evidently Raleigh)…but NOOOOO, our NC legislature will not consider a bill like State Sovereignty or a push back on ObamaCare. They had to come up with this garbage.

That the BANKS and GOVERNMENT ENTITIES are EXEMPT should come as no surprise.

IF, dear reader, your focus has been on the Federal cesspool…might I suggest that you consider focusing on our own backyard. Raleigh needs a thorough flushing. North Carolina is something we can change. The article below is directly quoted from Civitas.

Legislation Will Hurt Small Business SB829 – Civitas Review Online: “The House Commerce, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee will consider legislation on Wednesday that will augment the power and widen the profit margins of large corporations at the expense of small businesses and citizens. The bill, Regulation of Appraisal Management Companies (SB829), will, as currently written, place onerous regulations and assess fees on these companies that will disproportionately affect small business and bolster the market share and power of large corporations.

“Additionally, the legislation will require that each individual who owns more than ten percent of a registered company to be of “good moral character” as though it is falls under the purview of state government to ensure that business owners are of good moral character. Such intrusions into the lives of business owners and the subjectivity involved in assessing what qualifies as “good moral character” are inconsistent with the free market and individual liberty. The state continues to amass power and, as always, does so at the expense of its citizens.

It should come as no surprise that federal, state or municipal government entities as well as banks and credit unions are exempt.

It is no surprise that big business supports this legislation as it will decrease competition by forcing small businesses out of the market and creating a high barrier to entry for any new firms seeking to enter into the market. Onerous regulation will decrease the productivity of each company and the fees will simply be passed on to the consumer. Bottom line: the citizens of North Carolina will suffer while the state assesses the moral character of business owners and large corporations increase their profit margins.

We can thank Democrat Senator Clark Jenkins of District 3 (Edgecombe, Martin, & Pitt Counties).

And I am curious…how does NC define “good moral character?” Would Mark Basnight qualify? Or Easley? Oh…pardon me. I forgot. Government entities are exempt. MY BAD ENTIRELY!!!

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