Crime in the White House – AG Holder Declines to do His Job – Corruption Through and Through

Eric Holder has not been doing his job since his appointment as Attorney General. He has ignored obvious crime while playing lapdog for his master Hussein Obama. His most grievous dereliction of duty was his refusal to prosecute Black Panther members antagonizing voters at a Philadelphia precinct in 2008. Obama’s corruption has spread like a cancer though out his administration and this article is the most recent example of Eric Holder’s complicity to Obama’s treason.

Holder Mum on Sestak Allegation: “Attorney General Eric Holder dodged GOP questions Thursday dealing with allegations that the White House illegally offered a job to Rep. Joe Sestak in exchange for him getting out of the Pennsylvania Senate race, according to Fox News.

Sestak, a Pennsylvania Democrat, leveled the charge in February, telling a Philadelphia television anchor he was offered the federal job to drop out of the primary race against Sen. Arlen Specter.

But Sestak did not withdraw and is still competing against Specter in Tuesday’s election — but the congressman has not elaborated on his charge publicly since the February interview.

During a Capitol Hill hearing Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said the accusation would amount to ‘multiple felonies’ and wanted to know what Holder was going to do about it. He said he was ‘deeply concerned,’ with the election just five days away.”

“It is the department’s policy … not to comment on pending matters,” Holder said at the end of a tense back-and-forth. “That is not what we do.”
Issa suggested Holder’s reluctance to answer meant there was no investigation.

“You don’t answer or apparently investigate. … You’re not investigating whether it’s a false statement by a member of Congress or a crime by the White House.

Let us think about Issa’s question…false statement by member of Congress or White House crime. Hmmmm….

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