WHY are We Bailing Out Europe????

Stringing and Strowing pulled this article for all tax paying American citizens. Thought you might want to add this to your household budget.

Pence Warns Main Street: You’re Bailing out Europe – HUMAN EVENTS:

““The total bailout according to our latest information is $952.3 billion,” Pence said. “The IMF portion of the Euro bailout is $317 billion. The U.S. portion based on our 17% support of the IMF could be $53.9 billion in loan guarantees.”

“Where did the administration get the idea we have the money to be bailing out fiscal recklessness in the European Union?” Pence added.”“America is not looking to the European Union to bail out New Jersey or California,” he said. “The European Union should not be looking to the taxpayers of the United States of America to provide the loan guarantees to bail out Greece or Portugal or Spain or any other country.”

I asked Pence if these loan guarantees were simply a means for the American people to prop up the failed European socialist model as the Obama administration and current Democrat leaders head America down that same ideological road.

I think there is no question that many of the countries that the United States will be asked to support, to guarantee loans through the IMF, are socialist countries whose policies have led them to the brink of fiscal disaster,” Pence told HUMAN EVENTS. “Their economic policies the American people have rejected through the years and now we’re being asked to subsidize.”

Next thing we will hear is that Greece is Bush’s fault and we OWE them. Between the IMF, the WHO, and the Federal Reserve…kiss your paycheck goodbye.

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