The Confiscation Threat

The Confiscation Threat:

Taken from James Turks article “The Confiscation Threat”

“Here is some thoughtful guidance offered by Jay Taylor [See:;)

‘I am concerned about civil disorder when the existing system breaks down. I am also concerned about the prospects for our government’s making gold ownership illegal when a very tiny minority of gold investors ends up with virtually all the national wealth following the devastation of the dollar. With countless trillions of dollars currently being ‘dropped from helicopters,’ the notion of a multi-thousand-dollar gold price might in the end prove to be far too conservative. But if that is true, then we are likely to face a very badly mucked-up world. If nothing else, once the U.S. becomes an insolvent nation, you may very well count on a ‘tax the rich’ scheme that effectively confiscates most if not all your wealth.”

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