Public Policy Polling: The NC turnout numbers

Public Policy Polling: The NC turnout numbers: “The NC turnout numbers

The turnout patterns in yesterday’s North Carolina primary election should have Democrats even more worried about what’s going to happen this fall than they were before.

In an election where there was a highly contested Democratic Senate primary and a Republican contest that was a foregone conclusion you would have expected Democratic turnout to far exceed that on the GOP side. But only 53% of the Senate primary votes were cast on the Democratic side to 47% on the Republican, a gap that’s smaller than the party registration difference in the state.”

What the turnout numbers do show is a disturbing lack of interest from Democratic voters. The 426,000 who cast a ballot in the Senate primary represents a 32% decline from the 628,000 who did in 2002, and this is despite the fact that after the 2008 election cycle there are more registered Democrats in the state than ever.

It’s a long way until the fall and maybe Democratic voters just care more about beating Republicans than choosing their party’s nominees but this is the first hard data we have on the comparative engagement of the two party’s voters in North Carolina and it does not bode well for Democrats.

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