Inside the Dome: May 7th, 2010 «

Inside the Dome: May 7th, 2010 from «:

In the Senate:

“Bottom Line: Democrats are having an increasingly difficult time gaining traction on portraying Republicans as beholden to Wall Street, given numerous recent press reports of millions in political donations flowing the leading Democrats and Obama. More importantly, Americans simply aren’t concerned with “Wall Street” right now – they have an almost singular focus on the economy, and out-of-control government spending that has nothing to do with job creation.”

In the House:

Bottom Line: Just as Pelosi’s explicit promise that ObamaCare would “almost instantly” create 400,000 jobs upon passage (it’s about 395,990 short), Democrats grand promises that the Caulkers bill will be a new-job windfall is ridiculous on its face and will shortly prove to be false. Pelosi and the Democrats don’t realize that Americans are listening and will hold them – and Republicans – accountable at the ballot box for broken promises and outright lies.

In the White House:

Bottom Line: Though Obama and the Democrats take every opportunity to highlight the slightest bit of positive economic news, they know as well as the rest of America that until the unemployment rate drops precipitously, the party in power is to blame. Unfortunately, for BO as well as the American people, Obamanomics is working to thwart sustainable private sector job growth.

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