Will the terrorism “watch list” strip citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights?

Will the terrorism "watch list" strip citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights?:

“With terrorism at the top of the headlines again a U.S. Senate committee today held hearings on ways to strip U.S. citizens of their Second Amendment rights under the guise of protecting the country.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing titled ‘Terrorists and Guns: The Nature of the Threat and Proposed Reforms’ started at 10 a.m. today.

On the agenda are Senate Bills S. 1317 and S. 2820, both sponsored by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ).”

General the ability to deny the transfer or possession of a firearm to anyone he “has a reasonable belief” might use that firearm in connection with terrorism.

Essentially this would strip the RKBA from anyone on the terrorism “watch list” without due process and without any more then one government official’s personal decision.

While keeping weapons out of terrorist hands might help prevent acts of terrorism, a blanket prohibition that strips anyone on the watch list of their ability to legally own a firearm, and on nothing more than the “belief” of a government official, strikes right to the core of our Constitutionally protected freedoms.

Just looking at the huge problems with the “no fly” list, which is a much smaller subset of the entire watch list, should show how dangerous this bill is to law-abiding U.S. Citizens.

When the “no fly” list includes a 8 year old boy, a U.S Marine returning from duty in Iraq, and even the very U.S. Air Marshals assigned to protect flights from hijackers, then it’s not hard to see that the list is riddled with errors and mistaken identities.

While the exact number of people on the watch list is kept secret, an ACLU estimate places the list at over one million people.

It gets worse: As Aaron Titus, Privacy Director of the Liberty Coalition, explained in his written statement today anyone denied purchase of a firearm because they are on the watch list will not be told why they were denied and essentially has no right or ability to appeal the decision.

“Due to the secret nature of the watch lists, the Attorney General may determine that simply tipping off the person that they are on a terror watch list may compromise national security, thus rendering the notice clause illusory. In that case, the person would receive a “Denied” signal from NICS, with no further information about the reason for the denial, nor with any recourse to obtain the reason for denial.”

“The citizen may ask why he or she was denied, but the Attorney General is not required to answer or correct erroneous information within the system. Consequently, the citizen will be unable mount a meaningful appeal to the Attorney General’s decision.”

Titus also explained that the citizen’s ability to appeal the decision to the courts would be essentially made meaningless:

“A citizen will lose his appeal if the Attorney General can prove, by a preponderance of the evidence,not that the individual poses a risk, or that the person is a terrorist, or even that the person is under investigation; rather, the Attorney General must only demonstrate that the person has been placed a terror watch list.

“Once that has been proven, a process which affords the citizen no due process, no right to appeal, nor guarantees any reasonable notice or information to the actual fact that the citizen is on a terror watch list, the appeal is over and the citizen loses his Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. The individual will not have a chance to introduce evidence of mistaken identity, abuse of Executive discretion or mount any other meaningful defense.”

Launtenberg’s second bill, S.2820, would establish a registry on all gun purchases. The current version calls for the records to be destroyed every six months. It’s easy to imagine a push to make that registry permanent after the bill becomes law.

Together these two bills would create a dark and Orwellian future for gun rights in America.

National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea has more to say on these bills in his column today as well.

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