It’s Because They Want To Kill Us, Stupid | RedState

It’s Because They Want To Kill Us, Stupid | RedState:

“They are so deeply invested in both political correctness and in their violent, racist “tea baggers” meme, it clouds all else. Even common sense and the security of our country. It was swiftly apparent that they were *wishing* that the failed bomber was a tea partier, so that they could further their lame narrative and continue to try to excuse Obama and his administration for their failures and utter incompetence. Gee, Obama, how is that “unclenching of fists” deal working out for you?”

Another great quote from article:

“Hey, media, you know what might help uncover the shrouded mystery? How about you try mentioning the word Muslim or Islam? Even just once. Note, it doesn’t appear anywhere in that entire article. And the omission of either word has been glaring….”

Entire awesome article through link.

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