Truth, Honesty, and Integrity – The Story of a Patriots Fight – Dave Griffith Campaign

To all my dear readers, get involved in your local and state politics! My candidate for Sheriff in Forsyth County received 46% of the vote! Where some may see this as defeat, I beg to differ. This was my first jump into political campaign waters and this was Dave Griffith’s first run for political office. Folks…let me tell you…we came within a cat hair of unseating an incumbent! We did it with fervor, patriotism, no money, a feet to the street attitude, individual effort, great individual sacrifice, group unity, and personal commitment like I have never before seen. Forsyth County was the biggest loser. All of us on the Dave Griffith for Sheriff campaign were winners.

I posted the following note on Dave’s facebook this morning.


We have yet the see the FRUIT that your run for Sheriff will produce! Forsyth County has missed the opportunity to place a Godly, moral, lawman of fine character into a very important office. Instead, the Rip Van Winkle citizens have been deceived. BUT,lest we forget…Satan and his minions have NO POWER OVER GOD”S PEOPLE! I say now, with great fervor…step aside Satan in the name of Jesus Christ!

Don’t be discouraged friends. God has a plan. Heads UP everybody…with the LORD on our side…defeat is NOT in the picture! What looks like unanswered prayers on earth translate to the intercession of the Holy Spirit on our behalf!

We, as God’s people, have been shown by GOD that Forsyth County needs to wake up. The low turnout was a shame… expected… but still a shame. Our job is to wake them up. To bad we can’t make grown people mind…or listen…or care…or vote. But that is my point…what we cannot do, our Lord and Savior can!

This campaign was one of God’s most awesome blessings in my life. Each and every person I met and worked with has blessed my life in one way or the other. Dave…you, your wife, your lovely family…God’s blessings to all of you! You are still the man for the job…we simply have to wait on HIS timing and remain soldiers for Christ!”

I was listening to John Hege two Sundays ago while dressing for church and he made the following statement.

“Losers focus on what they are going through. Winners focus on what they are going to.”

We all need to keep our eyes on the prize! If the Lord saw fit to refine our campaign…ME…YOU…in this trial by fire, who are we to complain. His will and His timing are perfect. Besides, Christ is walking through this fire with us. And let me tell you…as long as He is here with us…with me…it is NOT hot at all.

Here is a “shout out” to all my new friends and fellow workers on the Dave Griffith campaign. Hard work with you guys has never been so fun! Bless you all!

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