To Sheriff Schatzman

Thank you for mobilizing the best team of conservative GOP campaigners I have ever been blessed to know. Sheriff, because of our opposition to your stand on 287g, because of your history of alcohol abuse on Forsyth County roads, because of the cronyism and nepotism running rampant through our Sheriff’s department, WE CREATED A MACHINE. Our MACHINE came within a cat hair of defeating you. That’s right, we got 46% of the vote! Hardly a mandate for your team! You, Sheriff Schatzman, are a seasoned 2 term politician. We, a bunch of “good ole boys” as you put it, dug in our sofa cushions for pennies, and we just about kicked you out of office! Glory be, all your experience just about lost to a bunch of newbies!

Yes sir, the MACHINE is in place. “It ain’t going nowhere,” says this country girl. “It’s just gonna keep humming along, working behind the scenes, waking people up, exposing corruption, until one day, we take this country back. Candidate by candidate, office by office, county by county, state by state. Even though the fox might be in the hen house right now…all we gotta do is find them holes and plug’em up.”

Once again, thanks Sheriff.. You helped wake up many Rip Van Winkle’s in Forsyth County.

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