Winston Salem Journal: Half-Hearted Endorsement…Do I Detect “SHAME”…Really, You Guys Almost Sound Embarassed!!!!

Sheriff's primary: Today the Winston Salem Journal gave a half hearted and almost pitiful endorsement of the status quo in the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department. For any reader of this poor excuse for a newspaper, their direction is decidedly liberal and progressive…indeed, their endorsements logically follow this bend.

The lack of journalistic skills at the Journal was made obvious by this well written comment by “Fair and Balanced”:

“Well, no surprise here. The Journal, like much of the mainstream media leans to the left or worse is decisively liberal. The endorsement of a moderate/liberal Republican was to be expected which furthers my resolve to vote for the Conservative candidate.

It is time for the Forsyth County Republican Party to realize that the adherence to the status quo has damaged our resolve and effectiveness. It dilutes our mass and breeds apathy. Voting for any Republican candidate who does not openly embrace a conservative political philosophy and practice Christian principles is playing into the hands of the Democrats.

Yes, the Barker administration imploded, in part, as a result of of nepotism. But nepotism within the current administration is quite pervasive, or should I say perverted.”The Journal fails to ask the tough questions so I will.

Why is Forsyth County the largest county in North Carolina not participating in the 287G program? (This is a 12 year old tool aimed at multiplying the force of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcements Agency by allowing deputies to hold and deport foreign-born criminals and illegal aliens.)

I’m sure the Journal knows that Winston-Salem is a sanctuary city (please reference: for illegal aliens also see If the Journal’s staff does not know, the illegal aliens sure do. I’d really like to read about the impact these aliens have on our local economy, crime rate, education resources, and medical services. You know, some real investigative stuff-something that would really reach out and grab the interest of the tax paying community.

Why did the incumbent halt the drug interdiction program in Forsyth County? A program designed to get drugs off the street before they get into the class room? Neighboring counties continue to the program with great success.

Why only one detective to monitor and track nearly 500 sex offenders? The sheriff’s children are grown but mine are not. I think we all deserve to know where these people are.

So W-S Journal why don’t you check with the US Marshall’s Service and ask why they are running sex offender operations in neighboring counties but not Forsyth. Could it be because Forsyth is so messed up that they need to get the easy ones done first before dedicating the time and man hours to clean up the mess here? It’s a lot easier to make an arrest when you know where to find your suspect.

The reality is that under the current administrations Forsyth County has seen an increase in illegal alien settlement, increased gang activity/recruitment in our school system, the cancellation of a once successful drug interdiction program, and a decrease in sex offender supervision. For this you endorse the current administration?

Today is the Lord’s Day so I will say an extra prayer that soon Forsyth County will have a SHERIFF THAT CARES!

Well said “Fair and Balanced!” Vote Dave Griffith for Sheriff May 4th!

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