What do SEANC, North Carolina & State Employees have in Common…the SEIU!…Thugs hit NC Financed by NC State Employees Paying Union Dues to SEANC

I’ve been trying to tell North Carolina State Employees…Your State Employee Association, SEANC, has gone SEIU UNION. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Acorn/SEIU/Washington type thugs have moved into North Carolina and they intend to take over. State employees HANDED them SEANC on a silver platter last year. I’m willing to bet that 90% of the membership has no idea SEANC has gone SEIU, and I’m willing to bet that half of that 90% would drop out if they realized. If you are still a member, they are taking your dues (most of us let SEANC direct draft our pay checks)and using YOUR money to destroy our state. Keep on snoring sleeping beauty. When you wake up NC will be gone and so will your freedom.

They are trying to start a third party in NC. They are calling themselves North Carolina First. Some say good…they will split the Democrat vote. To me, this is a short sighted approach. The old Democratic party (moderate) is fighting for it’s very life from these thugs. If this group takes hold, if the old NC democratic party dies out and is replaced by this new progressive left wing party…down the road, it is going to be the Republicans who have to fight off this demon.

From The Jacksonian, quoting the Washington Post:

“‘Our whole agenda is to turn that apple cart around and say, ‘No more are we going to blindly support you because you’re a Democrat,’ ‘ said Dana S. Cope, executive director of the 55,000-member State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC), which is leading the effort. ‘We’re going to support you because you’re right on the issues and if you’re not right on the issues, we’re going to remove you from office.’ …

The unions are giving voice to progressive activists across this state….”

Another quote from Washington Post article per the Jacksonian

“SEANC and its parent group, the Service Employees International Union, possibly the nation’s most politically powerful labor union, are funding the effort, which was announced April 8. In the days since, they have hired more than 100 canvassers who are rounding up the signatures needed to qualify as a third party on the general election ballot.”

and finally:

“In Senate and House races across the country, emboldened liberals are going after lawmakers who, as they see it, have not sufficiently championed President Obama’s agenda. So far, these family feuds…largely have been confined to Democratic primaries.”

The key words her…SO FAR. Wake up State Employees. Don’t support Obama progressives with your membership in SEANC. Tell all your other state employee contacts to drop out of SEANC now. North Carolina’s future is literally in your hands.

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