Rip Van Winkle, Saul Alinsky, and the Forsyth County School Board Race


For those who are wondering WHY our school board race is non-partisan…here’s your answer. A group associated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, both WROTE and managed to Pass House Bill 833 through our NC Legislature last year (iaf was founded by Saul Alinsky the Marxist Radical in 1940, see wikipedia). Because of H833, our ballot no longer tells the party affiliation of the candidates.

The Marxist Group that accomplished this is called CHANGE. ( They are a community organizer/Acorn type group that operates out of churches (Green Street United Methodist is their headquarters) and masquerades as a church like, Amen shouting, Qua’ran quoting, children’s choir singing, charitable looking community group. They look benign on the surface. Underneath it is ROTTEN.

Because we all SLEPT while they passed their agenda, prepare to lose control of your school board.

Their agenda in 2010 is to END out of School suspension and start a new school assignment program (end the Choice program). If you do not vote May 4th, don’t complain when your kid gets “assigned” to a school that you don’t want, has to sit in class with disruptive students who cannot be suspended, or is bused miles away from your neighborhood.

The ONLY school board candidates standing against this group are Jeannie Metcalf, Buddy Collins, Lori Clark, Marilyn Parker, and Jane Goins. Every other candidate was at 5th St. Baptist in WS on April 25th at the CHANGE Spring meeting where they raised their hands in support of this Marxist Alinsky group’s agenda. I have the video of them doing it. I have said nothing that I cannot back up with CHANGE’S own documentation. You have been warned.

Double click the map below to zoom…the flow of money that supports CHANGE (in Forsyth County) comes from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation and NC United Power/Third Reconstruction Institute (information per docs provided by CHANGE)

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