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Letting the word out…not my words…Forsyth County Citizen’s Words…original post found here. Copied below

Posted by (LindseyGraham) on 04/08/2010 at 10:04 am.

The bottom line is the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department is in a state of chaos under the leadership of William T. Schatzman.

I’m involved in the website entitled I have never worked for nor have I been fired by Schatzman. However, I do know Schatzman and many of the former Forsyth sheriffs as well as others in the state of N.C.

Schatzman has made many mistakes throughout his tenure and they are all well documented on I call his mistakes ‘Schatzmanisms’ because they are so prolific.

One of the most important critical elements of the sheriff of Forsyth County’s job is to diplomatic in his or her relationships with outside agencies. In this regard, Schatzman has failed miserably.

I’ll outline those issues as follows:

1) The WS/FC School Board was recently embroiled in a disagreement with Schatzman over the services of Forsyth sheriff deputies and sought refuse with the service of the Winston Salem Police Department.

2)The Forsyth County Commissioners have had difficulties with Schatzman negotiating yearly budgets because of his rude and theatening mannerisms.

3)The City of Winston Salem had to resort to negotiating through their City Manager and the County Manager regarding federal funds for local law enforcement funds because of difficulty in dealing with Schatzman.

4)More people have retired, quit, or been fired under Schatzman than the previous two administrations.

5)There is no equitable distribution of discipline within Schatzman’s Administration. In short, some people get away with everything, while others are fired.

Again, I invited all Forsyth County voters to go to for the real story on the Schatzman Administration. I assure you, it’s not fiction or a myth what is being posted there.

Just passing it on.

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