Forsyth County Online: Making The Case For Dave Griffith For Sheriff!!!

The citizens are speaking out. Found this comment here.

Posted by (bikewriter66) on 04/08/2010 at 10:01 am.

How more misleading could the front page feature “Election 2010” cobbled by reporter John Hinton and a Journal headline writer be? Coverage of the Sheriff’s farce should be labeled “Entertainment Tonight!”

How are voters supposed to make an informed opinion on whom to vote for Sheriff when nothing of substance about candidates Griffith and Schatzman’s platforms was published? This isn’t a marriage spat. How about giving readers less sensationalism and more reporting? Where did the reporter and headline writer get their facts and attribution in saying that Griffith was fired? In the body of the story Schatzman said, “The four years came and went, then he (Griffith) went his separate ways.” On the same front page, the headline reads “Gaudio out at WFU.” Why is Guadio “out” and Griffith “fired?” Clearly, Schatzman said they “parted ways,” and clearly Wellman fired Guadio.

What the Journal failed to publish about Griffith is that this is not a grudge match. Anyone who would take the time to learn the facts, an exercise the reporter wasn’t interested in doing, is that Griffith has an aggressive and thoughtful agenda that will make Forsyth County safer for all citizens now and in the future. For self-interested and obvious reasons because WXII-12 News broke the investigative story, the Journal fails to mention that under Schatzman’s watch, 47% of the registered 500 sex offenders in the county are unaccounted for. Under Schatzman’s watch, turnover within the Sheriff’s office is the highest in history with 57% of the deputies having less than five years experience.

At Griffith’s numerous town hall meetings where he explains his reasons for seeking the Sheriff’s Office and presents his platform to voters, he says that if elected he’ll emphasize school safety by having a zero tolerance for gangs and resolve the school resource officer conflict, enforce 287-G and deport illegal aliens who break the law, create a Civilian Advisory Board, increase the number of patrol deputies, create a Senior Watch Program, and as a fiscal conservative, consolidate administrative positions to save money.

It appears, the only thing voters can thank the Journal for when it comes to publishing both sides of a political contest is the availability of this forum

Just passing it on. Keep it up Forsyth County!!!

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