Forsyth County Demands to be Heard – Online Comments Go to Straight to the Point!!! We Demand a New Sheriff in Town

Their words…my blog…YOUR choice…May 4 Primary.

Posted by (pink4me2luv) on 04/08/2010 at 10:05 am.

Come on folks – Open your eyes! Driving a COUNTY vehicle after drinking – Schatzman would have fired any deputy for that – and he should – He should have fired himself. He continues to drink and drive his county car!!! Just because you wear a gun and badge – you are not above the law. Bill – if you have dropped our crime rate soooo low- why do you need 22 more deputies? If you would reduce your Administrative positions – you could hire more deputies!! Do us all a favor Bill – It’s time to GO!

Just passing it on.

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